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Friday, May 22, 2009

Ayman is 1 today - Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! 22 May 2009, Ayman is one year old today. As the name of this blog is after his name, I am writing a little bit about him here. Ayman is our youngest son. He has a distinct different from other children of us as he has a very sweet smile. Very photogenic indeed. He is a bit chubby though.

Ayman used to be very easy to sleep at night. It was actually a relief to my wife and I as most of our children used to sleep during the day and awake at night at their early months. However the situation has slightly reversed about few months ago. Ayman would now go to sleep past midnight and sometimes even around 2:00 a.m. We tried to put up with him in the beginning but ended up being sleepy at work. Later on we brought his playpan in our bedroom so that he can play with his toys. Oftentimes we did not really know when he actually went to sleep. He did not like being in his playpan as the space was limited. He likes to wander in the room and check on things in the cabinet and drawers, climbs on the tables and do all sorts of things. It is his "discovery" period.

We plan to celebrate his birthday when all of the family members are at home. Our eldest son is at studying at Sek Men Sains Pokok Sena and will be back for the school holiday in about a week from now.

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